Shojo,shounen,manga, yaoi,seinen and shoujo

Shojo means girl. when referred to in anime& manga it means an anime or manga that is meant to be watched/read by girls. (ex. the anime Fruits Basket) Shojo usually focuses on romance- related things.

Shonen means boy. when talking about anime/manga it means anime or manga that is meant to be watched by boys (ex. the anime Naruto) Shonen is usually focused on more action- related situations.

Seinen is anime/manga that is aimed at veiwing for older men. Josei is for older women.

Yaoi is boyXboy love, or boys loving boys. and Yuri is girlXgirl love, or girls loving girls.

Shoujo is “shojo” which i already explained, its just spelled differently.

Also, not only boys watch Shonen and not only girls watch Shojo. there many girls who watch Shonen/ guys who watch Shojo.
Yaoi is mostly watched by girls, and Yuri is mostly watched by boys. but its the same with Shonen/Shojo, anyone can watch it.


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