Dota 6.62 (Empty Bottle) Bug

Yes there is a bug in Dota-Allstars 6.62. You can have unlimited/infinite bottle charges without going fountain or by storing a rune just by using this bug, It can be easily reproduced with any hero. This Dota 6.62 bug is game breaking and abuse-able bug. You can see the video of Dota 6.62 Empty bottle bug.

• An Empty Bottle
• Scroll of Teleport
• Any Hero

• Buy a Teleport and an Empty Bottle.
• Move away from base and use all the charges of your bottle.
• Now Teleport into fountain.
• Use waypoints function immediately by using Shift+Click the bottle to the fountain while teleporting.
• You will have infinite bottle charges. Just point the target to your bottle to refill it.
• Enjoy!

IceForg will probably release Dota 6.62b to fix this game-breaking bug. So wait some time until the new map comes. Enjoy using this bug in game until it gets fixed in the upcoming version.


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